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Only the best feed will do at Johnsons' Farm & Garden. If the quality of the feed we carry is not up to our standards, they won’t be up to yours. And so, at times, we send it back.

But there is one product we know we never have to worry about: Purina. This flagship product is the most high-quality feed in the industry and a trusted brand nationwide. As part of the Great Lakes Cooperative, Purina feed keeps animals healthy, strong, and ready for the working day.

Whether you are raising a race horse, a plow horse, goats, alpacas, sheep, cows, or household pets, you can always trust us to give you the best that Purina has to offer, guaranteed.     

At Johnsons' Farm & Garden, we trust the Purina brand because the right research and development goes into everything they sell. They work with small companies (like us) and large operations (like zoos) across the nation and produce a top-quality product every time. Their high-quality feed has natural ingredients that our customers can be proud to feed their animals. And that’s good enough for us.

To learn more about the Purina feed line, or to place an order with us, please give Johnsons' Farm & Garden a call at (803) 266-7333.