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Other Feed

Johnsons' Farm & Garden carries the best varieties of feed, seeds, grains, and other products that are perfect for feeding livestock. Along with our flagship product, Purina, we import only the top-quality feed from the top name brands in the business. Our inventory is held to the highest standards, and is guaranteed to exceed your expectations, every time.

A small sample of our stocked feed products includes:

Cavalor FeedsCavalor Feeds

      • FiberForce
      • Endurix
      • Pianissimo
      • Performix

Speedibeet & Emerald Valley Natural Health Pulp SupplementsSpeedibeet Feeds & Emerald Valley Natural Health Pulp Supplements

 Pennfields Feeds

      • Pennfields Balancer
      • Pennfields Fibergized Omega
      • Pennfields Grand Prix Granola
      • Pennfields Cool & Lite

Blue Seal Feeds

      • Blue Seal Hay Stretcher
      • Blue Seal Sentinel Senior
      • Blue Seal Sentinel Low Starch

Grains & Other

      • Alfalfa Cubes
      • Alfalfa Pellets
      • Whole Oats
      • Rolled Steamed Oats
      • Wheat Bran
      • Flax Seed – Ground
      • Flax Seed – Whole

Beet Pulp Products

      • Beet Pulp Shreds – No Molasses
      • Beet Pulp Shreds – Molasses
      • Beet Pulp Pellets – No Molasses

For a complete list of all our offers, call Johnsons' Farm & Garden at (803) 266-7333. We’ll help you find everything you need to care for your animals.